Friday, June 17, 2011

Last day in Sandy, First day in Tokyo

Uncle Quin helped us clean the house on Tuesday.  Thanks so much!
Last minute goodbyes
Waiting at the airport
Getting on the airplane
Feeling spoiled in first class

Chris' family coming to pick us up at the airport and here they are trying to fit everything in.  We were allowed 3 pieces of luggage each.  We didn't use all of it.  But still a lot of stuff.
Temporary housing.  Has 3 bedrooms, two full bathrooms, a kitchen and nice size living room.  4th floor in Residence Akasaka.

master bath.  can't get the picture to rotate.  any suggestions?

We have finally made it to Japan.  It's rainy season here.  The weather is overcast and it's sprinkling all the time.   Lolo was the only kiddo who really slept on the 12 hour plane ride.  Vy did take a nap during the last hour of the ride.  On the way to the apartment, the boys crashed.  They woke up around 5am. We went on a walk at about 8:30am and then for lunch we hunted down a ramen shop.  We visited the little parks, cemeteries, and temples that we came across.  We also went grocery shopping.  Every where we go, we get stared at.  We've watched cartoons in Japanese and now the boys and Chris are out for another walk to look for some shops.  That is pretty much how we have spent our first day in Tokyo.


  1. this is so cool thank you for sharing you advature with us. I lv hearing what the boys have to say about this trip. Enyjoy this one in a life time trip

  2. That was awesome. YOU LIVE IN JAPAN!! What a big move and what an amazing experience for your kids! I have to ask, do you think people were staring at you because your clothes are too American and you were speaking English or because you aren't 100% Japanese, how much of the population do you think is 100% Japanese ancestry?

  3. We were told today that 70% of the area are foreigners. I think they stare at my wife because she's hot.

  4. Ok so two funny moments. The comparison between Vi eating ramen and Lolo eating ramen. Vi tries to take the biggest mass he can. Lolo eats noodle by noodle. And second, Nancy "don't forget to say your prayers." Toki "What kind of prayers?" Nancy "I don't know." bahahahaha

  5. Maybe they are wondering if she's Lucy Liu! :)