Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I hear words being screamed from the other side of the apartment.  At first I thought an angry someone needed a towel after a shower.  Then I thought something was flooding.  Whatever it was, it needed immediate attention.  I get up to open the door to the hallway.  The words become clear.  "There is a cockroach in the bathroom!!!!!!!!!  Hurry!!!!!!!"  I walk into the muggy bathroom to find a speedy earwig of substantial size and a wet, naked, freaked out child.  I grab some toilet paper, hand it over to his brother and ask him to put it in the toilet.  The deed was done.  As the earwig was off on some new adventure, I became perturbed.  How did that creature get up here? We should be able to tell a cockroach from an earwig by now. Worst of all I have a big boy who reminds me of the lady on the kitchen table screaming because she saw a mouse.  Good grief. 

The toads are out.  The weather was mild in June and the first part of July.  However, today was miserably hot and humid.  It would be a great day to go to Disneyland.  No one would be there.

 The boys always greet their dad with such joy.  This was on our way to Cold Stone.  We met up at Roppongi Hills. 
 We went to a science museum in Yokohama followed by a trip to China Town.  The above outfit picked out my Angela who came to visit Tokyo in May with Loyd and my niece.

 We went fishing locally on Father's day and last Saturday to a beach south of Yokosuka. 

 I love it when the boys fall asleep in the car.  Otherwise there is way too much nudging that is going on.  Right after this, Apolo barfed.  He held it in his mouth, the poor dear.  Luckily we had a hat he continued to throw up in.  However, he refuses to wear it anymore even though washed thoroughly.  Too bad, it's so cute.  Now, it is designated the throw up hat for car sickness. 
 This was the last night with some friends of ours.  We pretty much hung out all day, they dropped off their birds to us, went out to lunch together, cleaned their house before final checks, and finally a movie and pizza. 
 We did quite a bit with this family...water park, camping, dinners at home and out, church, the mom and I ran together, etc.  I actually met the husband my freshman year at BYU.  Unfortunately, they moved back to America. 

 The Sky Tree Tower is up and running.  It's so tall that it gets lost in the clouds.  There is yummy food to be had in there.  Ask Bobby.  He came to visit Tokyo too.
 The boys finished up international school and quickly started Japanese school.  They have to wear these hats.  I thought they would protest but they didn't.  Good for them for conforming.  Some things are better off not fighting about. 

 They look ecstatic don't they.  They have 3 days left until they are done.  We've had our ups and downs but most importantly they didn't get bullied, they were exposed to more Japanese, and they had some fun times including swimming, art, music, and new friends.  They did something they didn't think they could do.  I feel like they're crossing the finish line of a marathon.  Truly.  I am proud of them. 

 This was our last hang out with our neighbors downstairs.  I made crepes.  They were great neighbors.  The girls went to the same school and happened to be in the same classes as my two older boys.

 Often times we helped each other out.  This was the last day of school.  The kids were bringing all their stuff home.  My friend  brought the boys home.  Such great help.  We inherited their fish and salamanders when they moved to Hong Kong.  I was really sad to see them go too.

I was looking through the iphone photos and videos we've taken....thousands.  Oh my, I'll never catch up.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

K a e l a

I took these pictures a couple days ago and edited them yesterday.  I'm really happy with the end result.  I learn so much each time I take pictures and use photoshop.  This is at Arisugawa park across the street from the temple.