Thursday, July 28, 2011


Watermelon Popsicle have turned out to be a favorite.  Chocolate, crunchy pieces are in place of the seeds.  This was taken at Yoyogi park.  The boys and I hopped on a bus off of Roppongi dori.  We got off at the Shibuya Eki and walked up to the park.  This place has thousands and thousands of crows.
Visiting the Meiji Shrine next to Yoyogi park.
The bread to the right is very fluffy, yummy, extra-thick white bread.
Makes for great French toast.  I like them for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
The boys playing sumo wrestlers.

Something Toki built with his nano blocks.  These are itty bitty lego like pieces.  They've become a favorite with this kiddo.
Origami is another fad the boys are in to.  We're in origami time out right now.  Too much wailing and gnashing of teeth in frustration.  The boys spent hours/day making stuff.  It was sweet and sour.
Vy is having grapefruit flavor popsicle.  The other two are having blue candy popcicle.
Hanging out at our local park.  This is the park that my MIL played at on Sundays growing up.
The boys on the bridge. 
Hanging out at the pool.  This one is located at a US embassy compound.  Some friends live there.

Toki's swimming skills not lost from last summer

Lolo eating Somen

 The price I pay for a nap

Taking a stroll through Arusugawa Koen