Monday, August 22, 2011


The older two boys started school up last Thursday. Japanese class and homework has been thrown into the mix. This adds a different element into our daily routine. I was very nervous for them and so were they. Starting up a new school, in a new country is tricky. They came home happy though. It seems that the newness of it all is fun and they're excited as for now. They've had drama, music, computers, and Japanese all I could get out of them. Toki has 12 kids in his class. Vy has 14...7 boys and 7 girls.
We walk to school.  It takes about 15 minutes.  We recently picked up rain boots.  They are a necessity here just as snow boots were in Utah.
Chris has been able to join us for the first days of school since he was on a 2 week break.  But now he's back to the daily grind.
Umbrellas...another necessity.

Lolo started Kinder today. He has half days all week and then it turns into full days next week. "My stomach hurts because I'm starting school today," he said this morning. I'm glad he can connect the two. He and Toki react exactly like I do and did as a kid. Toki was complaining of the same thing last week.
Here's Lolo by his cubby.  He has to have a lunch and snack, extra shoes and clothes, a smock, backpack, and homework folder.  
And off to class he is.  It's a super cute school. 
One last picture before heading off.

How the first day went in his own words....